Understanding the New iPoker Network

iPoker NetworkThe recent split of the iPoker network has left several players and affiliates confused.  Most players understand that the network has split into two quasi-separate online poker rooms, but the details of the split remain unclear for many.

In this brief overview of the iPoker split, we’re going to provide the basics of the split and then answer the most frequently asked questions by poker players about the new iPoker network.

What Happened to iPoker?  When Did it Happen?

In early September, iPoker enacted plans that had been rumored for months and basically divided the network into two distinct segments commonly referred to as iPoker 1 and iPoker 2.

The two networks aren’t completely separate.  Here’s how it works:  Some games are shared between the two networks, and other games are unique to the individual network.  Specifically, it appears that all micro-stakes and low-stakes games are separated (each network operates their own) but higher stakes games (cash and tournaments) are shared across both networks.

Players who are at iPoker 1 cannot see tables at iPoker 2, and vice versa.  You cannot play on both networks at the same time, but you can have accounts on both networks – you just can’t play on both at the same time.

Both iPoker 1 and iPoker 2 use the same Playtech software.

What Rooms are on iPoker 1?  What Rooms are on iPoker 2?

The largest rooms on the iPoker Network are the rooms that pooled together to create iPoker 1.  That means rooms like Paddy Power, Titan Poker and bet365 (get a bet365 bonus here), along with Poker770 and William Hill.

Everyone else is on iPoker 2, although it’s possible that more and more rooms will basically combine in order to meet the minimum requirements for inclusion in iPoker 1.  Even some big names in gambling – Mansion, Genting and Dafa – are currently residing on the secondary network.

Which iPoker Network Do I Want to Play On?

The general thought is that the iPoker 1 Network will be softer, at least for a time.  The larger brands that are on that network simply do a better job of attracting recreational players, a talent that should ensure the iPoker 1 network remains more fish-heavy for the immediate future.  However, once too many weak players shift over to iPoker 1 and away from iPoker 2, you can be sure that strong players will eventually follow – meaning that, long-term, the rooms should balance out in terms of game toughness.