Looking for a Completely Different Online Poker Experience?  PKR Poker’s got it! ReviewOnline poker is fun and exciting, but sometimes it can get a little dull.  If you love playing online poker, but feel like there’s something missing, then you have to see what PKR Poker has to offer.  This site will change the way you see online poker for life, and once you play on this site, you might never want to play anywhere else again.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re checking out an online poker room.  You want to know that you’re going to be able to enjoy the basics, like great software that’s easy to use; and bonuses that are easy to cash in and easy to understand.  A nice reward system really helps to make the site more desirable, and let’s not forget about tournaments.  If a site can offer you most of these things, you might just choose to stick around for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be happy.

PKR Poker knows that lots of poker players are seeking something more and they have worked hard to ensure that they can provide it:

A true 3D experience

Unlike other online poker rooms, you actually get a real life experience when you play with this poker room.  Players create an avatar, so you can choose your style – whatever it is.  You can use points to change the way your avatar dresses and accessorizes, and there is also the option to interact with other players through their avatars.  This allows for a more interactive online poker game, so you get to experience the thrill and excitement as if you’re really there.

Not only does PKR Poker allow you to create your own avatar, but when you play in a tournament, you get to experience what it must feel like to play on location.  Imagine walking up to your tournament table and checking out your opponents.  Players don’t have to imagine anymore because they are going to get to experience it all for themselves.

Easy to understand rewards and payouts

While many players are drawn to PKR for the unique gaming experience itself, it should always be said that there are other benefits when playing on this site.  Take the bonuses, for example.  Players can enjoy a sign on bonus, and it’s based off what the deposit is, but the difference is that this site tells players upfront what kind of bonus they can expect, and how it will be paid out to them.

This simplifies the process so that players can get to playing and stop worrying about how hard it will be to boost their bank roll.

Games for every player and every budget

Some poker rooms focus on great big tournaments.  For these sites, the higher the stakes, the better, but that’s not the way that every player wants to play and this is why PKR has worked to include a wide range of games.  If it’s sit & go games you’re after, you’ll love that they can be found any time day or night – and they have buy in’s that range from under a dollar all the way up to $1,000.  If you’re looking for tournaments, then you’re in for a thrill because 3D tournaments are unlike anything else online.

For those that want to practice for a while, but don’t want to risk their money, there is even an option for you.  This is where you can go to get your practice, play some games and enjoy some interaction with friends, and not have to worry about putting your bank roll on the line.

For those that thrive on pick-up games, PKR has what you need.  No matter what your budget, you’ll find a great game to get in on and that means freedom to play your way.

Live events

Many online poker rooms are big on the WPT, but they don’t encourage the large sense of community that PKR Poker does.  This is one online poker rooms that wants you to meet other people that love the lifestyle of poker as much as you do.  You’re playing in tournaments and games against these people; you get to know their avatars, chat with them and get to know them a little bit.  It makes sense that you might want to hang out in the real world too and that’s why this is the place to go if you want to be able to enjoy live events with your online poker friends and spend time with the real people behind the avatars that you’re so familiar with.

From great live music, to weekend trips to see the real World Poker Tour, to events where you actually get to qualify to play in tournaments with the professionals, you’re going to find that there is no shortage of friendship and fun when you choose to play online poker with PKR.  This is all about great times, online and off, and players can enjoy a full range of events, both locally and around the world.

PKR Poker is made by people that love poker.  They love real poker, poker tournaments and the lifestyle of playing poker.  They love the lights, the excitement, the sights and the sounds, and they know that you do too.  That’s why they have worked to create a site where players can go to enjoy all the perks and benefits of online poker, with all the thrills and interaction of playing poker in real life.  The result is an online poker room that will stimulate the senses and thrill any player.  With easy to download and use software and endless options, players might begin to wonder why they didn’t make the switch before.

If your online poker games seem to lacking that something extra, maybe it’s time to take a look at PKR Poker.  Not only will you enjoy the real life experience of 3D poker, but you’re sure to enjoy the camaraderie, easy to understand bonuses and options that this site has to offer.