Ultimate Bet Poker – Seven Deuce

UB.com Seven Deuce GamesOf course, anybody can win a hand when they are holding cowboys or aces in the hole. It’s not exceptionally difficult. Even a pair of over cards or suited connectors is a great starting hand that will often take down the pot with the right flop. The question UB.com poker wants to know is – Are you good enough to take down the pot holding one of the worst poker hands in the game? Well, UB.com is putting that to the test.

UB.com has added a new twist to high stakes poker games that is only available in Ultimate Bet poker rooms and is sure to beef up some pots and create an exciting element of play like we’ve never seen before in poker. The brilliant idea revolves around enticing players to play one of the worst poker hands in the game, 7 – 2. This should prove to be a fun variation of Texas Hold-em, and is definitely an innovative, original idea, the likes of which we have never seen before in the world of online poker. Here’s how it works:

There are special tables set aside in the UB.com poker rooms specifically for the Seven Deuce games. Each player who sits down on a Seven Deuce table is required to place a side bet into the Seven Deuce side pot. If at any point during the game you can win the pot with 7 – 2 as your hole cards, you win the side pot. It’s just that simple. Yeah… simple. If you can manage to fold everybody off the pot while holding 7 – 2, the pot is yours, but in order to take the pot you have to show the table that you were holding 7 -2 in the hole.

The idea here is to create action. You are definitely going to find more players throwing out more bluffs just because they are holding 7 – 2 as their hole cards. This will create more action, more bluffs, and give you the chance to win a sweet side pot in addition to the pot you bluffed everybody off of in the process. If you’re looking for more action than you’ve been finding, try taking a seat at one of UB.com poker’s Seven Deuce tables. The action is sure to be intense, the pots bigger, and the experience is something entirely new among online poker rooms.