The Right Way to Play MTT NL Hold’em for Beginners

Multi Table Hold'emIf you’ve just discovered the game of poker let me congratulate you. Poker has many variations and in this article I will talk to you how to play wisely in a multi-table no limit Hold’em tournament so you’ll beat as many opponents as possible, gain more experience and above all win money and in this game there’s a lot of money. So, before you’re starting to look for best online poker you should understand how to win at poker and especially at tournaments, let’s begin.

The Game Begins

As you enter the room you are seated with different players from all over the world in a tournament that can last for 1-2 hours or more. So how do you with against hundreds or thousands of players?

First, play tight with strong hands at first. This will allow you to gain more chips, confidence and most importantly learn your opponents. Even when you throw away your hand keep attention to the game and mark down who is aggressive, tight, weak, passive, passive aggressive and so on. This will help you know who you can bluff and against whom you need to play the nuts and be more conservative.

As you gain more chips, you can start playing more hands from various positions, be a little bit loose because your goal is to mix your game so your opponents won’t study your game habits the way you’ve just studying theirs.

There will be times when you move to different tables and face other opponents and in this case play safe again at first and learn your opponents and their game.

Deeper into the Game

Another rule to remember is let your opponents “fight” one another. Don’t be in the middle of a hand where you can lose a lot of chips unless you have a strong hand or the nuts (the best hand), what you want to do is play heads up to have your hand dominant over a single opponent, especially when you’re deep into the tournament and near the money.

Control Yourself and be Calm

You may suffer some bad beats during the game but what you have to remember is that poker is not just cards, chips and strategy, it’s all about psychology as well. When you suffer a bad beat calm down, throw away a few hands and relax. What’s done is done and you have to forget the hand you lost and focus each time on your present hand. When you’re calm, know your opponents and play mostly heads up when other folded – you are on your way to the top.

Remember that learning the rules of poker takes about 5 minutes, but mastering the game may take even years. The more you play and dominate your strategy and opponents, the better you’ll become and the more money you’ll make. You can read more strategies, watch how the pros play and get to know everything there is to know about the world of poker and how to win the game at and soon maybe find yourself against the top players in the world. It’s no coincidence there are so many professional poker players all over the world, maybe you’ll be the next one…