Texas Hold’em – Top 10 Beginner Mistakes

Top 10 Beginner Mistakes

Poker - Top 10 Beginner Mistakes

In this article we are going to present you with the top 10 mistakes that are being constantly made by those players that are just starting out in the world of online poker. By knowing exactly what these mistakes are, you will get the chance to avoid doing them.

Poker is simply just like any other sport or game out there and the beginner players will always make mistakes. No on in this world is born with the ultimate poker skills that will help them be a poker star straight from the first time they play a poker hand. The way a beginner poker player will react the moment he is posed into some classical situations is not always the best way to play poker.

Here you can find the top 10 poker mistakes that beginner players are committing.

  1. Do not post the blinds the moment you sit down. You have to wait until the button moves and make you the big blind, a moment when you are obligated to do it. Even if the small blind might not seem that big compared to the pot, if you are going to continue make this mistakes over some time, you will end up to paying a lot of money.
  2. Read the basic rules and strategies used in a game of Texas Hold’em before playing your first real money game. It’s always best that you do some research before jumping at the real cash tables. This way your chances of winning will increase significantly. This is going to save you a lot of time and you will also know if you are heading in the right or the wrong direction.
  3. Always try to control the tendency that a new player has to seek for a lot of action at the table. You must know that a professional player is going to play only 30% of the hands before the flop. You must try to find a list of the strong starting hands at Texas Hold’em and use it.
  4. In case you get a weak hand or you have missed the flop you should not call or raise an aggressive opponent, you should use the bluff strategy rarely; because people will start noticing the way you play and play with prudence.
  5. Make sure that you use a strategy for your bankroll management and only put to risk money that you can afford to lose. Start by playing at the micro/low stakes and move on to higher limits only when you are feeling prepared to do it.
  6. In case you are planning to use the slow playing strategy you should make sure that you use this strategy with caution. In case you are going to stick to this strategy your opponents will notice that and you will end up to go through some really bad beats or to make your opponents to draw cheaply against you.
  7. It’s also important that you don’t take the game too personally. At an online poker game the opponents usually change very often so it is best that you hold your horses, before you will do something against a lucky donkey.
  8. Remember that at a Texas Hold’em game you will be playing against other 9 players, so the chances of you having the best hand are 10%. This means that you should not expect to win every hand that you play.
  9. Many people love playing at more than one table at once. However when you are still a beginner player it’s best that you do not play at more tables than you can actually handle.
  10. The game of poker is considered to be a risk/reward game. This means that you have to risk some money in order to win some.

If you are going to avoid doing all these 10 mistakes, it means that you are definitely on the road to success and you will soon start seeing some good profitability coming out of your play.