A Sequel To The Film That Sparked Online Poker Interest?

Rounders the MovieIt may seem strange but back in the days before the internet, there were not too many places to play and indulge in your poker activities. Playing poker with your friends was the most popular way to play the game and develop your skills. Slowly but surely, poker started to become more mainstream with TV channels picking up on the game. By the time the internet rolled around, there was a demand and clamour for poker and the game has been going from strength to strength ever since.

However, in the evolution of poker, there have been a number of things that have had a part to play in the success. Fifteen years ago, there was a film that managed to bring poker to a much wider audience and helped to put it on the road to the wide level of success and popularity it enjoys today. Rounders may not have been a smash hit but it inspired many poker players and brought the poker industry to the attention. The news that Rounders 2 has received financial backing to be completed is great news and the project is finally moving into production. It has been a long road since the original film but it seems that progress is finally being made.

When it comes to real money poker sites USA players have plenty of options but when the original film was made, there were not too many options for poker players. It will be interesting to see if the film takes account of the huge differences that can be seen in the world of poker and the way that the poker community is shaped up.

Plans are in place to make a number of poker films

The Weinstein Company, who is the production company for the film, announced that they have created a new partnership with Miramax and Qatar Holding. This will ensure that the sequel will be made and it also sets into motion the chance for further sequels to be made. A lot will depend on the popularity of the new film but there is no doubt that if Rounders 2 is a big hit; there will be a high level of demand to make more poker related films.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Harvey Weinstein, a major film producer is looking to be very hands on and he has stated that he has discussed the project with Matt Damon. He intimated that the project would be swooping into action very quickly, so there may not be a lengthy wait to see the film come to life. Of course, the film industry is an industry where hype can often overtake the truth, so it is best to wait and see before getting excited about a quick release.

Weinstein also spoke of a way to make the film more international. There is talk and rumours that the film, or at least the initial card game in the film, will take place in Paris before getting off around the world. There will inevitably be a role for Las Vegas and as you would expect, there will be bad guys and gorgeous women involved. To be honest, this sounds like a regular night out for poker players but it doesn’t sound as though online poker will feature in the plot. You would expect that it will at least be seen in certain scenes where players are in hotels or at home.

Rounders was a cult hit and has picked up lots more fans over the years. The film is reported to have been a big factor in the success of poker across the United States and many people have suggested that Rounders was a factor in the success of online poker. With online poker being huge but facing a big year ahead, it will be interesting to see if Rounders 2 has any impact on the activity.