Poker Sites that Take Diners Club Card

Diners Club Poker

Diners Club Poker

Everyone knows that if you want to make money playing online poker, first you have to deposit money into your online poker account. The old saying about “you have speculate to accumulate” is very true in the world of poker but if you are good enough, you should be able to recoup all of your money and hopefully win a lot more on top.


In this sense, you would think that online poker rooms would be delighted to take your money anyway they can. As long as the source of funds is genuine, surely the poker site would be happy to take all they money they can from eager poker players. This is not the case though and many poker players have found that their choice of poker site does not accept Diners Club Card as a source of paying into their deposit.

The Diners Club Club has been around a long time

The Diners Club Card was the first credit card to be created back in the 1940s and is available to use in over 200 countries. You would think this would make it acceptable on all poker sites but there are a great number of sites where you cannot use your Diners Club Card to deposit into your account. Even if you are lucky enough to find a poker site that accepts this deposit method, there are likely to be other restrictions placed on the card.

If you using your Diners Club Card to deposit funds into your account, a number of online poker sites that take Diners Club Card require a minimum of $50 to be deposited. This may not be suitable for many players who only wish to have a few casual games of poker but for many players, a submission of this amount will not be an issue.

It is also important to remember that you will not be able to withdraw money from your account onto your Diners Club Card. If you do not win when playing poker or you choose to use all your winnings to play more poker, this will not be an issue but it is not ideal. Most people like to think they have a chance of winning when playing online poker and this means winning money.

No withdrawal option available

If you use a Diners Club Card to deposit funds when playing poker online, you will need to accept winnings in another usually, usually by cheque. Again, this is not a major inconvenience but it can delay the money coming to you, which may not be suitable for everyone. This inability to pay out onto the Diners Club Card can be annoying but if you are aware of it, you can at least react to it and not be surprised if your winnings are delayed.

None of these scenarios are ideal but if you are determined to use the Diners Club Card to pay for your online poker play, be prepared to be inconvenienced.