Party Poker Promo Offers “World Domination”

Party PokerParty Poker is an exceedingly busy site and it may just be getting even busier. The poker site is now offering a special promotion where players can earn Party Points, win great prizes and dominate the world. That’s right—dominate the world. The World Domination promo includes a top prize of $100,000. At a time when online poker sites are becoming more and more competitive, Party Poker continues to be an innovator, offering numerous special promotions and events.

“World Domination” is the Word

If you’ve ever dreamt of dominating the world, then this is the promotion for you. This unique event runs from November through to December 30, 2011. Those who participate have the opportunity to win up to $100,000!  Plus, you don’t have to win a hand of poker or finish in the money in a tournament to earn World Domination cash or qualify for prizes.

Participants win prizes by accumulating Party Points. For every 10 points earned a player conquers a city. Each city offers the player a prize. Take hold of four cities in one country and the player wins cash and if they achieve domination of an entire continent they can win thousands of dollars. To win World Domination a player must take control of all 72 countries that are offered in the game.

For every dollar of the rake or buck of buy-in spent, players receive two Party Points. A player may be able to take over up to 100 cities in one day. However, it’s not that easy. All cities that are awarded are chosen at random. That means that players may hold the same city numerous times. If that does occur, the player receives the prize associated with that city the first time they win it. After that they receive five extra Party Points for every city that they win again. If they win London four additional times, then they would qualify for 20 extra Party Points.

Prizes Galore

There are plenty of ways to win. Specific cities offer prizes such as entry into a $3,000 freeroll and others reward players with extra cash. If you capture Newcastle in England, you’re in the freeroll and if you get London an extra $8.00 is deposited into your account. Once a country is conquered, you can win a substantial amount of money.

Conquer England, which means you possess London, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester, and you win $1,500. Go on to win all of Europe and you’ll receive $5,200 and a $20,000 bonus. Capturing the United States is worth is just $300.

By the way, it’s not clear if there is only one $100,000 prize. However, reading through the terms and conditions one gets the feeling that there are certainly limits to the number of prizes available. One reason for this assumption is the stated fact that the promotion can end prior to December 30, 2011. With that in mind, it looks as if once the grand prize and other prizes are won, the World Domination promotion at Party Poker is over.

Honing Skills

Although poker players don’t have to win a hand to get cash and other great prizes, it doesn’t hurt to do so. Chances are Party Poker will be seeing a lot of fish in this promotion since people can win without knowing what they are doing. That being the case it’s advised that players hone their skills and play like a shark. That way they can take in some game cash as well as promotional awards. That makes the World Domination promotion a win-win situation.

Sign Up Now!

There’s no time like the present to sign up and become a member of Party Poker. That’s the first step in qualifying for the World Domination promotion at Party Poker. Once you’re signed up and have downloaded and set up the software, you’ll be ready to fund your Party Poker account and play cash games and compete in tournaments. When making your deposit be sure to use Party Poker bonus code “PARTYBEST”. This will allow you to receive a 100% match on your initial deposit on up to $/€/£500.00.  Once you’re all set up enjoy the action at the table and lots of luck in your quest for World Domination. This promotion is perfect for the despot in you.