Online Poker is Like Playing the Lotto

LottoWhen you decide to saddle up into online poker make sure you’re properly educated prior to playing. The reason for this is based on the fact many professional players have merged to online games and will easily clean your pocket.

I recently had the opportunity to watch one of my friends play in which I warned him your just not ready yet you need to study the game or play low stakes. He refused the recommendation and decided to start off playing what he regularly does around home and that is mid stakes games. For the longest time he figured the players was just bluffing or getting lucky hands and until he lost his initial deposit then did he realized later he simply got out played.

I’m sure everyone reading this from time to time has had that shame of going busted within a short period of time but overall I think this is a great learning experience for him. As bad as I wanted him to win I knew during the table he was playing he had no chance. He was not prepared for all the sharks that site online waiting for players of his status.

Online poker is so much different than what you play at home. Players need to realize when you play online it never hurts to watch video classes on becoming a better player or watching a table to analyze the players better. Fortunately he did not throw his mouse or break his computer during his rage of playing bad poker although I did make a smirk comment towards him which was, “you should have just played lotto online!”

In a nut shell, you should probably never introduce online poker to a friend until you know they are ready for real money play. So in conclusion we both learned something today which we shall remember for decades to come. Playing lottery or online poker is almost like a voluntary taxation unless your educated on what you’re actually betting on.