How Good are Bitcoin Poker Players?

Among all the discussions relating to Bitcoin Poker, one topic is often overlooked – how good are Bitcoin poker players?

BitcoinsThe majority of poker players often do not consider the standard of play when choosing between the online poker rooms available to them. Usually it is the size of the poker bonus, the value of the feature tournaments or the volume of traffic which determines their choice of poker room; and often the standard of play is not that big a factor anyway because there are a range of abilities on show – with bad players there to be taken advantage of, and good players to be avoided. However, Bitcoin poker sites – and the players that play on them – are a different matter altogether.

Determining Between Bitcoin Poker Sites

First of all, we will qualify that last statement. There are several poker websites which accept Bitcoins as a method of depositing into an online poker account, but then convert the virtual currency into dollars, €uros or £Sterling to play at the tables. These are not the Bitcoin players we are concerned about – for they are playing on generally mainstream sites which are (usually) affiliated with networks that have a database of thousands of non-Bitcoin poker players.

The Bitcoin poker players we are thinking about are those who have gone through the process of registering for a Bitcoin eWallet and depositing into a Bitcoin-exclusive online poker room. These players have gone through several actions in order to play poker for Bitcoins, and consequently Bitcoin-exclusive poker rooms are not going to contain players who have wandered onto the poker pages of a sports-betting web site and decided to “give it a go”. These are dedicated poker players with just one thing on their mind.

Does Non-Spontaneity Make a Good Poker Player?

Bitcoins PokerThe fact that a poker player has had to go through several processes to open up an online Bitcoin poker account (rather than whip out a credit card to make a deposit) does not necessarily make them a good poker player – but it does give you an indication of their mindset. Patience is more than a virtue when it comes to playing poker – it is one of the key factors that enable poker players to become successful – and you are more likely to meet a poker player focused on their game in a Bitcoin poker room than you are on the microstakes tables of a poker room affiliated to a high street bookmaker.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that Bitcoin poker sites should be avoided – on the contrary, sites which host games of poker for Bitcoins should be actively sought out if you wish to improve your game. The few “currency libertarians” that used to play poker for Bitcoins have all but disappeared and – except for the players trying to establish a poker bankroll by playing freeroll tournaments – you will improve your game by playing against the majority of players you will find on Bitcoin poker sites.

Where to Find Bitcoin Poker Sites

There are a number of poker site review websites dedicated to listing the pros and cons of playing on both exclusive and non-exclusive Bitcoin poker sites. We recommend – which not only gives comprehensive information about each online poker room that accepts Bitcoins as a deposit option, but also provides a real-time Bitcoin exchange value and advice on how to buy and sell Bitcoins.

All the time that the value of the Bitcoin continues to rise, there has been no better time to improve your game by taking up the challenge of playing against Bitcoin poker players!