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2011 WSOP

2011 WSOP Schedule

Back in 1970, six entrants took part in what would eventually grow into the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) event but the 2011 version is likely to be slightly more popular. In fact, with over 70,000 entrants expected for the event which starts on the 31st of May, this year may be the biggest and best WSOP.

There are many events taking place in the 2011 WSOP schedule and the notable event on the opening day is the Heads Up NL Hold ‘Em Championship, which carries a buy-in of $25,000. As the event continues, Pot Limit, Omaha Hi-Lo and Lowball Championships provide opportunities for specialist poker players to utilise their skills and make their mark at this big event.

June has lots of games but July provides the climax

June features many great poker games and Championships but it is only natural to look towards July and the climax of the event. On the 2nd of July, The Poker Player’s Championship takes place and then on the 7th, the Main Event No Limit Hold ‘Em Championship is up for grabs.

There may be over $180,000 in prize money up for grabs but the thing that most players are interested in winning is one of the WSOP bracelets. These are reserved for the big winners at the event and goes to show that winning at poker is not always about the money. Money can come and go but this bracelet is something to be worn with pride and is a permanent reminder of success in one of the major tournaments.

Do you want to be at the WSOP 2011?

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